The Belgian Connection Association: what is our purpose, what do we offer?

The Belgian Connection (a non profit association) has the objective to promote the Belgian cultural and social presence in Romania. The vehicle to achieve that objective is the monthly networking event during which we invite the Belgian, Romanian and other international communities.
Next to the networking mixers, we organise events of different natures: cultural information, culinary, a concert or a performance.
The Mixers and events are meant to give you the opportunity to recurrently meet your newly acquainted network in a friendly environment.

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Our team

The Belgian Connection Board consists of:
Claudiu Gavrila - President
H. E. Philippe Benoit - Ambassador of the Kingdom of Belgium - Honorary President
Christine Schillings
Laurent Moens
Radu Perianu

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Belgian Connection Sponsors

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Organisations supporting the Belgian Connection

Flemish in de World - Vlamingen in de wereld.
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Flanders investment & Trade. [read more]

The Flanders Investment & Trade agency promotes sustainable international business, in the interest of both Flanders-based companies and overseas enterprises. Whatever sector you are involved in, Flanders Investment & Trade will help you establish contact with the Flemish companies you are looking for. This includes not only products or services you may be sourcing, but also various types of business relationships, from joint ventures to technology transfers.
At another level Flanders Investment & Trade enhances Flanders' position as the gateway to Europe for inward investors. The Agency identifies, informs, advises and supports overseas enterprises by establishing production and research facilities, contact centers, headquarters, logistics operations and the like in Flanders, the northern region of Belgium.

This broad focus on international entrepreneurship, involving outward trade as well as inward investments, requires not only a thorough knowledge of Flemish economy, but also an extensive network outside of Flanders.
We have just that for you. Do visit our website and discover our worldwide network. With over 90 offices we are bound to be conveniently located near you, wherever you are.

You can contact us in Bucharest :

Dirk Timmerman
Economic & commercial attaché for Romania and Moldova

Embassy of Belgium
Flanders Investment & Trade
Intrarea Bitolia 62
Sector 1, Bucuresti
Tel.: +40 21 2315607
Mob.: +40 724 523464

Walloon Agency for Export and Foreign Investment (AWEX) is the Department of the Walloon Region in charge of promoting foreign trade and attracting foreign investment. [read more]

The Agency is a public interest organization.
The Bucharest office's activity consists of:
Ø  internally, supporting Walloon companies in their efforts to increase exports ;
Ø  externally, promoting the Walloon economic potential, products and "know-how" and the attraction of foreign investment in Wallonia.

These objectives are accomplished by specific methods:

Ø  dissemination of information;
Ø  market research (identifying agents, distributors or foreign importers) ;
Ø  organizing field activities;
Ø  exploratory missions;
Ø  economic missions;
Ø  contact days abroad;
Ø  Walloon seminars abroad;
Ø  collective stands at trade fairs;
Ø  invitations for buyers;
Ø  fostering international partnerships.
All these actions have allowed the promotion of Walloon companies in Romania and also have provided better information on Romania's economic and commercial potential.
The AWEX office in Bucharest, in accordance with the agreements signed between regions, provides the same services to businesses in the region of Brussels and to Luxembourg companies, with competences both for Romania and the Republic of Moldova.