The Asociatia 'Belgian Connection': what is our purpose, what do we offer?

The Belgian Connection (a non profit association) has the objective to promote the Belgian cultural and social presence in Romania. The vehicle to achieve that objective is the monthly ‘networking drink’ during which we invite the Belgian, Romanian and international communities.
Next to the networking mixers, we organise events of different natures: cultural information, culinary, a concert or a performance.
The Mixers and events are meant to give you the opportunity to recurrently meet with your newly acquainted network in a befriended environment.

Through our Synergy Mixers, we're focusing to intensify our 'Connection' with other European communities, present in Bucharest. Maybe one day, we end up as 'European Connection'!

The Belgian Connection is also the point of contact for the Flemish organisation 'Vlamingen in de Wereld' (Flemish in the World), which we officially represent.

Members of our Association can benefit of special offers by a number of partner organizations, such as taxi service, hotel, real estate service or intercultural sessions about how to easier and faster understand the Romanian environment.

In the end, we want to become the networking club all expats refer to when it comes to meeting people or to get acquainted with their peers. We organise our activities and events regardless of nationalities, beliefs or religion, open-minded and with a European understanding in the back of our minds. ?
Would you want to actively support our initiative, we foresee the possibility for our sponsors to have their logo’s (with hyperlink) placed on a dedicated location on the site.


Claudiu Gavrila

Our team

The Belgian Connection Board consists of:
Claudiu Gavrila - President
Luk Vangansbeke - Honorary President
Jan Struys
Marc Paulissen
Lavinia Cotleţ
Radu Perianu
Daniel Popa